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From a cracked tile to new pitched roof Milton Keynes based Leo Knight is highly skilled and experienced to undertake any roofing job no matter how big or small.

“It goes without saying I have a head for heights and expertly trained to undertake jobs in buildings higher than two stories…

Established in 1988, I am proud to have an established and respected reputation in the area giving our customers complete peace of mind that I know my stuff, and offer a wealth of experience and areas of expertise. I also specialise in the area of lead roofing.


Lead work

Lead Work

Leadwork is Leo’s specialism and he uses his expert skills in what is an intricate roofing service that requires great attention to detail.

A roof without properly fitted lead work will have problems further down the road.

From installing completely new lead flashing to a minor repair no job is too big or small.

He is extremely proud to be the ‘roofer of choice’ for lead replacements on several churches in the Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire area following unfortunate thefts of the lead. These jobs required the highest level of concentration and skill with very impressive results.

Leo also offers a full cleaning service to lead work and general maintenance.

Flat Roofing and Repairs

Flat Roofing and Repairs

Leo is highly trained and experienced in undertaking minor flat roof repairs to major replacements. He will inspect the job in question and fault find the root of the problem that is preventing your flat roof from being watertight.  

It could even be the green mineral on the flat roof is looking rather tired and weather-beaten and needs replacing to improve its appearance and performance before leaking occurs. 

Leo also undertakes flat roofing repairs and replacements on outbuildings, summer houses and sheds which are not constructed from bricks and mortar. 

Pitched Roofing and Repairs

Pitched Roofing and Repairs

  • Single or multiple tiles or slate replacements
  • Replacement ridge tiles
  • Rectifying and curing leaks
  • Felt repairs
  • Repairs to valleys 

Leo is a perfectionist and will always undertake work of the highest quality with care and precision and will always keep you informed every step of the way on progress of the job, providing photos if requested to show you the work carried out at height. 

Whatever your property type, from a Victorian terrace to a ten-year-old home, Leo can source tiles or slates of different shades, sizes and colours to find you the perfect match possible. 

Gutters, Fascias and Soffits

Gutters, Fascias and Soffits

With general weather-related wear and tear plus age gutters, fascias and soffits don’t last forever and at some point need cleaning, repairing or replacing. Leo offers all services related to this type of roofing and uses the highest quality materials in-keeping with your home/neighbours.

From UPVC, square or rounded gutters to the more traditional materials such as cast iron, you can be confident that Leo can work with any material on any domestic property type. 

Many customers benefit from regular gutter cleaning, every three to six months or annually – this certainly improves the performance of the gutters and downpipes and prevents un-noticed blockages. We can offer a discount for customers who book this service on more than two occasions. 

Hard to access window/Solar Panel cleaning

Hard to access window/Solar Panel cleaning

Leo is experienced in cleaning hard to access windows at height to a very high standard. With many diverse new builds around now, many homes have skylights and townhouses have windows below two stories, we have safety equipment to carry out this work professionally and safely with careful attention to detail.  

We offer a cleaning service on a regular rotation, for example, once every six weeks and can provide a discount for customers who book more than two visits. 

UPVC window frames can discolour very easily, particularly during the winter months and just some simple and regular care and attention can save money in the long run from having the windows replaced. 

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