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Blocked or damaged gutters damage your home

If you are reading this you are probably already concerned about the problems that can arise from poorly maintained guttering.

The purpose of guttering is to divert rainwater from the roof and away from the structure of the building.

A simple build-up of leaves, moss and muck can cause a huge amount of damage to what is usually the largest single investment of your life.

Most people are guilty of ignoring their gutters, after all, they are out of sight, out of mind. Usually, homeowners only nice the effects of the damage once the problem has built up.

Before and after pictures

Taken August 2020 – this would have been expensive going into autumn if ignored.

The water that spills over the gutter can run down the side of the brickwork. If the gutters stay blocked and this continues to happen, the water on the walls causing damp and mould to form internally is a common first warning, especially on outside bedroom walls. Mould and bacteria form in the plaster causing damage to walls ceiling and insulation.

Even substantial foundation damage can occur in a situation where this is ignored.

Gutter maintenance is an essential job that can save a whole lot of time, money and hassle further down the road.

As well as affecting the building’s structure, If the gutters and downpipe aren’t draining the water away efficiently, the water will gather around the building and eventually find its way into the cellar of older houses, causing dampness.

Leo Knight

So, in summary, what seems like a minor issue, a bit of moss or muck blocking up the guttering, can lead to significant and expensive problems. If ever there was a case for “prevention is better than cure” then keeping gutters clear most definitely is it!

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